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Debt Collection

We have helped collect thousands of dollars for business owners, contractors, or individual.  You may have unsuccessfully tried to collect a legitimate debt that was owed to you. Rather than spending your time pursuing the debt, let Henriksen & Henriksen help you collect the money you are owed for your debts and services. We will take care of contacting the other party and negotiating. You can rest, knowing you are in good hands.

Enforcement of Judgments

When you have already gone through the long process of getting a court judgment, it can be extremely frustrating when the opposing party will not meet their court-ordered obligations. Henriksen & Henriksen can make it easier for you. We will draft the demand letters and negotiate the settlement. We will arrange the payment plan and, if necessary, pursue legal action in court. We will make sure your judgment is enforced, so you can move forward with the money owed to you.